L'Archicembalo Logo2021
L'Archicembalo Logo2021

L’Archicembalo is an ensemble specializing in the performance of musical repertoire from Baroque to early Classicism according to the practices of the period and on original instruments.

Founded in 2000 by Marcello Bianchi (violin and konzertmeister) and Daniela Demicheli (harpsichord and artistic director), L'Archicembalo is the result of years of work and research not only on music, but also of the right fellow travellers: the ideal set-up for a communion of purpose and vision that goes beyond the skill of individual performers.

“That one can emerge fresh from the listening experience and crave more says much for L’Archicembalo’s compelling performances and Vivaldi’s indefatigable imagination…”
Robin Stowell | The Strad

“Those who know and love Vivaldi will immediately recognize the composer's language: an inexhaustible inventiveness of rhythmic and melodic ideas, an unstoppable energy in the fast movements, the dialogue between the instruments never trivial and perfectly calibrated, great lyricism in the slow movements, perfect proportions. All characteristics impeccably highlighted by the performers: Marcello Bianchi, Paola Nervi, violins, Claudio Merlo, cello, Matteo Cicchitti, violone and G violone, Daniela Demicheli, harpsichord.”
Piero Barbareschi | GothicNetwork

“L’Archicembalo is an Italian Baroque string ensemble with a nimble and vivacious style. Performances are energetic, quickly responsive and well-recorded…”.
Richard Fairman | Financial Times

“… their sound is energetic, exuberant and rhythmic, as one would expect from Vivaldi's performances, with an polish and attack that place it at the center of Vivaldi's tonal explosion.”
Charlotte Gardner | Gramophone